Through fresh thinking and understanding the needs of our customers, AbsoluteHeat crafts tools that are synonymous with superior performance and technology. Driven by passion for innovation and cutting edge technological developments, AbsoluteHeat fuses the expertise of our team with real-life user experiences to create a unique line of professional styling tools. We openly collaborate with stylists and consumers to design high-powered versatile tools and high-performance styling products that effortlessly define, shape, lift, shine and polish your hair.


Refined, intricate design combined with cutting-edge technology, AbsoluteHeat introduces an entire line of styling tools. All of our hair straighteners are made with 100% high quality ceramic or surgical grade titanium and include the latest in negative ion and far-infrared heat technology. All AbsoluteHeat products offer a lifetime manufacturers warranty. In Addition, our technical partners from around the world produce our merchandise under close scrutiny, and each of our products are closely monitored for any inconsistencies or defects in production. Less than 1% of the tools manufactured by AbsoluteHeat are found to be faulty, a statistic unmatched by nearly all our competitors, and one that defines AbsoluteHeat as a leader in both innovative and reliable hair care technology.


AbsoluteHeat tools are produced to the highest quality, and will provide you with reliable service when used according to the instructions. All AbsoluteHeat products have been thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. In the unlikely event of defects caused by faulty material or workmanship, AbsoluteHeat offers a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. AbsoluteHeat cannot guarantee the quality of products sold by unauthorized dealers. Purchasing AbsoulteHeat products from internet sites not legitimately representing AbsouteHeat products forfeits this warranty.